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  • 25 Source Servers
  • 25 Destination Servers
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LoadMyCode is an easy to use, no frills backup automation solution that gives you everything you need to start configuring and automating incremental backups in the next 30 mins.
LoadMyCode is for developers, website creators and everyone who has to work on servers with files, configurations and databases. LoadMyCode is not for Datacenters and Hosting providers who might need to backup entire volumes & images.
It is as simple as choosing your source server, Then selecting what to backup and exclude with when and how many copies, Then selecting your Destination. Then you sit back and relax knowing that all your data is safe.
We understand that backups are simple but the planning around it can be daunting, Feel free to reach out to us and we will help you with the planning and setting up your backups for no extra cost.
Currently, we support MariaDB and MySQL8+, Postgres 13+ will be supported soon.
Yes, your data is encrypted, we do not interact with your data or backups in any way. LoadMyCode only deals with backup configuration management, automation and alerts.
We create tiny temporary files to perform automated backup testing on a periodic basis. This check ensures that the restoration mechanism indeed works when the time comes. This feature is experimental and any new accounts will have to opt in to enable this.
At the moment, we only support Linux based servers. A few have claimed that it works well with Windows under WSL2. We might support BSD based systems if there is enough demand.
At the moment, we support S3, Backblaze B2, SSH/SFTP (including the ones provided by CPanel and DirectAdmin) and WebDAV.
Your backup automation processes are not centralized, They only communicate with the central server to relay backup errors or for you to perform periodic backup management, restoration or pruning. This means your backups will continue to work even if our servers go down or even if we go out of business.
Don't worry. If you decide LoadMyCode is not the right choice for you, you can request a refund within 14 days and we will instantly refund all your money.
This is an initial offer price, but if you buy now, the low price will be locked down for the time you have an active account with us.
As a company, we manage a lot of our client's servers, This naturally allowed us to build good software and automations to keep everything secure and reliably backed up. currently we are our biggest customer.
You can reach out to us on our email at contact@loadmycode.com
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